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Are You a HOME BUYER looking for:

Peace of mind about your investment.

A fully qualified home inspector, experienced both in modern and heritage homes.

Cost effective suggestions.

We offer two levels of home inspection-" The ASHI Standard Home Inspection" and the "Enhanced Inspection"

We are a full service "Building Sciences Investigation and Construction Management Company" offering:-

Weekly columnist for SunMedia "Ask the Inspector" and "Green Tech"

On a personal note, Cam's former home in Central Frontenac was written up in a number of TorStar articles where the home was referred to as a "Showcase of Solar Technology."

Cam and his life partner, Donna Dillman, recently turned a rural church, circa 1894, into an Energuide 84 home. This renovation project can be viewed at where you will find the series of columns that provided readers with real time, step by step information on how the project was completed; 21 columns in all over a six month period in 2013.

Cam's next project is turning the Sunday School/Education Room into a B&B and adding an 856 sq. ft. addition for a Spa. This project will be built to the international Passive Haus Standards. Planned completion date is the Fall of 2015. Follow development in Cam;s Green Tech; the series column.


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Know all the facts beforehand...

Buying a home can be one of the most exhilarating times in your life and it can also be incredibly overwhelming. An All-Tech Home Inspection prior to your purchase can relieve a considerable amount of apprehension. By the end of the home inspection, you will understand the home's current condition, thereby reducing the chance of an unpleasant and, possibly, costly surprise after you have taken possession. Let the investment of a house inspection give you peace of mind.

Trust experience and knowledge...

Cam Allen, is a Kingston home inspector and builder, serving Eastern Ontario, active in the National Home Inspection Certification Council (NHICC) and a member of the National Occupation Standard (NOS) Committee for Canada. He will use his extensive experience and knowledge to supply you with the information to make an educated and comfortable decision about this house - whether to buy the house as it is, renegotiate or keep shopping. Understand that every home, be it modern or heritage can have issues, but for every problem there is a solution.

Since 2001, Cam has been answering home owners' questions in his weekly column, “Ask the Inspector” in the Kingston Whig Standard. To read some of the archives of his columns please see the“Ask the Inspector” page on the menu, above. In 2008, Cam began the Greentech-The Series column, based on green home technology. Read it weekly in the Kingston Whig Standard.

To avoid untimely surprises, spend your money smartly...


The other focus of a home inspection is maintenance. Just like a car, all homes require continuing care and upgrades. During the inspection you will be given estimated ages and life spans of the major components. With this information you can create a timetable and budget for any repairs or upgrades that may be necessary.

Money well spent...

The inspection confirms the positive aspects about the home, as well any repairs that may be necessary. Cam's experience can assist you in creating a timetable for any required repairs. By prioritizing your 'things to do' list, minor repairs remain minor and your budget stays in line.

Added services for the home buyer or current owner can provide valuable information on specific areas of concern. All-Tech is certified or licensed in Thermal Imaging Inspection, Radon and Mold testing. To our knowledge, we are the only Kingston based Consulting Group to offer all of these additional services and benefits to the discriminating home buyer or owner.

A home inspection is a smart investment.

Home Inspection is a Smart investment

Usually your initial visit to the house is brief. During this short walk through, your mind is multi tasking - you will be assessing the aesthetics of the home, how good a location is it, any obvious concerns and its affordability, etc. Let a professional home inspector, whose sole focus is to evaluate the structural integrity and operations of the home, confirm that the house is safe and sound.

Ignorance is not bliss or smart. You may be purchasing a turnkey home. If not, know what you are getting into - know how and when you may have to spend your hard earned money. At the conclusion of the home inspection, you will have the foundation and the knowledge that is necessary to make your house a great home.

Remember - no home comes with a money-back guarantee.


This is great, thank you. I was having lunch today with a few other Queen's staff and almost half of the people at our table said you had inspected their houses too. All had good things to say! - M. Tremblay, Kingston, ON